Monday, November 09, 2009

Like Sand

Heh, so this one's kind of embarrassing, but whatever I thought it was interesting.  After dinner, I just knocked out and I had a dream where I was starting to get kind of passionate with a girl.  We locked eyes and then we started making out but her lips felt like sand paper! Her skin felt really rough too! I was like... what? This isn't very nice lol.

I wake up and find out that I was using my Denim fabric blanket.  oooohhhh....

Let's go with some mo' Friends references:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Asia Trip Sleep...fingering?

hahah no, its not what you think you sick bastard.  I wish that I could capture all my sleep talking experiences on camera, but thats impossible.  Luckily here's some footage I found today of when me Andy and Henry were in Vietnam!  This video cracks me up every time! hahahaa.

All I remember is it's really early in the morning and Henry's whack sleeping schedule has him up.  He starts playing music on his laptop, and that causes me to be half awake.  I remember noticing that he was recording me too, for some reason.  I'm pretty grumpy in the morning, but I was way too tired/half-conscious to say anything so I muster all my energy to give him the finger.  I swear I remember giving him the finger for like 5 seconds and then falling back asleep.  hhaha I guess the music had an effect on me, you'll see what happens. 

Damn youtube.  First time I uploaded it, it picked up the American Boy track and said it was copyright and muted it.  Made me spend an extra half hour finding hacks (raising pitch) aowiefjal;fijalwf,  im tired now zzzzzzz

PS.  I'd like to thank Henry for the video.  I'd like to know why he also filmed my shape.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weird Horse Dream

I wasn't going to post this, because I couldn't remember much of it until I told it to Dillon in person.  I dreamed that it was my birthday again, at a place sort of like DNA lounge.  This time I was upstairs at a table drinking, but I don't remember recognizing anyone.  Anyways I had to go to the bathroom really bad.  Left stall was closed, and the right stall was a handicapped stall so it was huge.  I open the door and find this huge horse standing between me and the toilet.  I couldn't go with the horse in the way, and thats when I woke up with my bladder about to burst.  I guess the horse saved me, otherwise I may have had to buy David some new cushions O_O

The really weird part is when I told Dillon.  He starts laughing and I'm like what's so funny. Dillon then asks his roommate to tell me her dream.  She starts telling about a party going on in the apartment or something and suddenly a horse appears! Then the horse was saying that it reallly needed to go to the bathroom and goes inside the bathroom in the aparment and starts pissing and shitting all over the place.  Her horse was cooler than mine cus it had nice teeth and could talk lol.  Mine was just a regular brown horse.  But isn't it crazy that we both dreamt about a horse in a bathroom?

Crazy Weird coincidence.

(was looking for horse pictures, and found this.  Yep, its a Zorse)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thailand and.. German Movie?

This dream was kinda fun haha. I was going to the airport with Henry and Gary. We're heading off to some international trip. I know we're first going to Thailand, and then I think we were going to Korea afterwards. Anyways Henry and Gary put their stuff through the xRAY thing and I'm walking with them WITH my backpack on. I totally forgot to put it on the conveyor. So I take my laptop out and put it in, with people glaring at me cus I'm holding up the line. When I go to get my stuff, I don't see it come out! The craziest part is clear plastic bags of FRIED CHICKEN start coming out of the machine. wth is goin on!? Apparently some tour group says they're having a party on the plane??

Then we're waiting around for the plane and I realize that I did not prepare for this trip AT ALL. Cus all I have is my backpack and thats it. Luckily I had almost everything in my backpack. It was weird, its a medium sized backpack, but when I opened up the small zipper part, I found almost all my stuffed animals in there. This girl was sitting with us and she was like OOO!! stuffed animals! so i gave her one haha.

Then I had this really weird dream with people that I didn't recognize.  I was on this grungy looking bus and it looked like it was in black and white.  I'm not sure where I'm going.  Some armed men suddenly rush on the bus and start hassling people, grabbing collars and throwing people down.  They're about to take this one little girl (Meg) away when suddenly a woman (Maria) freezes everyone with her magical powers.  She starts unfreezing all the innocent people and takes Meg off the bus.  Meg starts to get really attached to Maria, because she basically saved her life.  But Maria is kind of cold and distant and says Meg needs to be with Ms. Lydia.  They enter a school and I enter too, with Maria taking Meg to Ms. Lydia.

Apparently it's a middle school, and I'm attending.  Maria is my teacher so I go into the class room. It looks alot like one of the classrooms I had at PMS.  It's pretty much the first day of school and I notice the teacher has on the bulletin board screenshots of her status on FarmVille?! haha I remember thinking, hmm pretty cool teacher.  Then two chinese German speaking guys come in and I'm thinking this must be the German movie that Andy was talking about.  All of a sudden form the corner of my eye I swear I see the teacher suddenly appear through the chalkboard.   I was like wtf.  So I press rewind? and verify that yes, she did appear through the chalkboard.  Thats all I remember haha.  I think this dream means I'm crazy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Warriors Ticket dream

SOoo... here we go!

So I'm going to a Warriors game by myself for some reason. I'm walking into the arena and right next to me are a few basketball players that I don't recognize. Then all of a sudden I see this tall asian dude with long hair, it's my friend Alex?! Now Alex is a tall guy, but in the dream he was like 7 feet tall. We start heading to our seats, but he starts ranting about not being able to find parking cus the parking's all messed up so he decides to leave. I'm walking out with him to say goodbye, cus I paid for my ticket and i aint leaving right? WRONG

Here's the weird part. I look down at my ticket, and it's a HUGE BUTTERFLY the size of.. a textbook or something. Then I wake up in a cold sweat (haha maybe not, but thats all I remember).

This dream actually links to some stuff in real life.. Alex talking to me about going to a Hockey game, a friend telling me about unorganized parking at a NFL game, and I watched King Kong that night which had a whole bunch of XL insects. Stir them up together, and you get a nifty little dream.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Learning experience

Here's a geeky dream that I had. And it's about the future! ok it's not that exciting.

So I was deciding between a 11" cheap $199 netbook and a $399 10" HD capable netbook. I went with the $199 netbook, and then I regretted it. I spent the rest of my dream failing to return it and buy the one I wanted.

The End

Saturday, September 19, 2009


wow, one of those dreams that you don't wanna wake up from. snap back to reality!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


This was an interesting dream..

I remember going into this house that I did not recognize, actually it looked a lot like G's house, but slum version. G, H, and A were there and they had 'chalk' with them. We all used the 'chalk' and had a great time. Andy finds these instructions to create fake 'chalk' with raisins (it made sense at the time) so we do it. We end up with a ton of fake 'chalk' which we take to the streets to sell. We make a boatload of moneys.

Next part, I'm hanging out with AK and his 2 year old toddler son. His son starts swinging on these construction structures and drops like 1 story down and starts laughing. I start panicking because i didnt know how far the hole fell. But luckily his son was some atheletic genius and was safe. All of a sudden I see AVM and.. yep

When I wake up, Dillon tells me I've been sleep talking again:

2) Yelled: "Lets get going!!"
3) said: "flowers.."

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Account of Sleep Walking?

I went to sleep at about 11PM and about 1:30AM, Wilton sees me all of a sudden sit up and look around the room. Then I flash some "gun" gang signs at him, then thrust my face above his laptop with a menacing expression. Then I fall backwards and hit my head on the wall and knock out.

THen I proceed to have a crazy dream about shooting deer tranquilizers at each other ( me dillon and david) and feeling EXTREMELY tired. I slept 13 hours this day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Load Game

So this one was the same night as the RMZ dream. We're waiting around for Gary to go to EDC, its about 8PM and its gotten dark already and he's just abotu finished with work. Actually, we were supposed to wait for him, but we started leaving already and I didn't realize we had to meet up with him until I reach 3rd St (i dono why) Now, in this dream 3rd St was supposed to be a really ghetto neighborhood, but I shrug it off. I'm standing outside my car and all of a sudden someone shoots me in the chest and I fall to the ground and die. OH NO!! how are we gonna go to EDC now?!

(view changes to birds eye view) I see letters that say you have died, Game Over. And naturally I think, omg i hope i saved when I was waiting on 3rd street. I hit go into the menu and select 'Load Game'. PHEWF I'm back on 3rd street, and quickly hop in the car and call Gary. We then proceed to drive to EDC. The End.

Ronald McDonald Zombies

This was one hell of a dream. So it all starts somewhere in San Francisco I suppose. I'm at school, just a generic school and I start to get this premonitions of disaster about to happen. I envision a fire breaking out and people rushing to the swimming pool, but theres an oil slick over the pool, so within 5 minutes, the fire reaches across the pool. Snap back to real time, I'm in the pool with my old friend "S" and Im trying to get her out of the pool without telling her of the danger so she wouldn't freak out. All of a sudden I see fire break out across in the court yard, and we're running down the stairs of the school. I find myself in Mayor Willie Brown's office and say "omg Willie Brown! we are safe!"

Now there are evacuation orders to head toward Golden Gate Park (just like in the 1906 earthquake fires) we're riding in my car towards the park, and we see groups and groups of bicycles pedaling like mad towards us. I shrug it off and keep going. Then little by little, I see more and more people dressed up as clowns. I shrug it off, and BAM a whole MOB of Ronald McDonald's are walking towards us! I see normal people turning into these ROnald McDonald's and they get meaner and meaner! Ronald McDonald Zombies!! then I feel in my internals the irresistable urge to turn into a RM Zombie. I'm trying to fight the urge as well as a can, and thats when I wake up. I quickly feel my head for an afro, phewf.. no afro. I drift back to sleep.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Beard

I had a dream where I started getting a 5 o clock shadow like 5 minutes after I shaved. It then progressed into a full blown beard. So I was standing there in the bathroom checking myself out thinkin "You One Bad Ass Muthe SHUT YO MOUF!!"

The end. I then wake up to find that I do not have a beard.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sleep Talk 09!

This one happened on the awezome NYE LA trip with Gary and Andy. They both witnessed it first hand. I'm guessing I sleep talk a lot, but I only find out if there's a light sleeper present like Gary.

Incident #1: So we all are napping in Andy's Aunt's house recovering from TAO. When I wake up Gary tells me that my phone rang when we were sleeping, and everytime it rang I went: "Huh? ...Huh?... Huh?" haha yea

Incident #2: Same place but a couple hours later at night, I sit up and yell really loud: "That's SO ANNOYING". Gary gets awakened by this and asks if I'm alright and I respond "what did you say?".. I think this goes back and forth twice, until he realized I was still asleep.

Oh yea, during the drive down to LA, Gary witnessed me having sleep paralysis. That foo was whispering things to me to mess with my dreams, but I was in my sleep paralysi state. I could totally hear him whispering, but I couldn't move! so I do my usual thing and start wiggling my fingers and toes to try to wake myself up. And I'm struggling to force my eyes open, and finally my arm wakes up so I use it to push my face up and I wake up.

In Gary's point of view, he sees some freaky possessed exorcism bizniz. He sees my hands all twitching and then my eyes going into the Undertaker mode with only the whites flickering. He got a video of the end where my hand brings my head up and I wake up but man too bad he couldn't get the whole thing. crayz.