Monday, January 31, 2005

Featuring: Angel's Dream

[this is Angel's long ass detailed dream.. i am NOT affiliated with it thank you :)]

"Today when I was napping I had a dream where I was at school. At one point in the dream Mr. Chan was playing like.. survival with the kids and suddenly everyone was in a big scary forest and we're lost. I've never watched survivor before but in my dream the host (Mr. Chan) would be telling people ways to survive and we had to pick which one we thought was it and our reasons why.
Then they had to stand up and tell people why and that person would have to lead us into survival. Then we were in the cafe and I'm just with my friends but Mr. Chan is there telling people to do really gross dares.. I forget who's doing the dare. Then suddenly I'm waltzing around by myself at school because I can't find anyone. I walk outside to the courtyard and these quiet asian guys are throwing stones at one another.
I remember thinking it was really cruel but then the security person was like "hey we do it too it's a nice way to pass time. see the thing you try to do is throw it at the building in between the windows" or sometihng like that. So I went back upstairs and I see Mr. Cheng in running around and turns out the whole school is flooding but for some reason I didn't find that weird.
Then as I'm walking by I see Betty and she catches up to me and ask me how I'm doing. I asked her where Jackie was and she told me Jackie went home. I was like "don't you guys have practice today?" and suddenly I noticed her dyed red hair became wettish and she said practice was over at 4. So we started walking up the stairs toward the 2nd floor and as we're walking the school is flooding more and more.
And I find wilson (who's hair is also wet like he just finished showering) and I asked him where he was going and he told me he was going to "dook bor" (poke ball aka pool) with betty. Henderson was there too. I remember thinking Betty's hair was really pretty. Ahaha that's it! =D"
[brought to you by Chadwick]

i said something today

anfernee and jango was watching the lord of the ring..... and i was asleep
all of a sudden, i sit up and I fell back, and then I mumbled a whole buncha shit and went "Ice Cream!!"
(5 minutes later)
i shot back up and went "Oh shit!!!" then I lay back down and went to sleep!!



sorry for the delay of exciting sleep talk, but i really haven't been getting any lately... i was truly insomniac last week.. it was horrible! I try to sleep like at 1 which is early on my standards.. and I cant fall asleep until like 4. I got hecka pissed. but now I think im sleeping better. I think tylenol makes me awake.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sleep Talk

Today, Anthony and Jane verified that I said this:

C: Go steal someone elses

(10 seconds later)

C: Penis