Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Featuring the Epic Tale of Angel's Imagination

So I go to school in Boston, but it wasn't undergrad, so I'm going to assume it's Grad school or something because I felt like I was in a really mature stage in my life (well especially because I'm so far from home!) The feeling of the dream was very.. Shanghai, in that period of time that Jewels loves, like the young people could accomplish anything and it was really up to us to make a difference.I think I was pretty new to the area.. So I went out with a bunch of friends to go celebrate (which reminded me of that scene from "Lust, Caution" where the drama team goes out and celebrates after their big show in Hong Kong). Sherry and I went to a nearby Chinese tea house thing and Sherry ordered "tapioca" and it was funny because it came out in a little tea cup with like.. two balls!! Sherry and I look at each other like, "gum 小!" And the owner of the store comes out and she's like that won't do! (well in chinese of course) and she somehow poured dried up tapioca balls into this other cup which magically changed into something, it was kind of like tapioca balls.. but sorta not? And we joked with the owner like, "well what are you going to do? We're in Boston." (referring to why we can't get decent Chinese products)So I have a guy friend that's like "ching mui jok ma" (childhood friend) with me. And everyone also jokes around that we should get together, but we never told each other how we felt.And then I'm going to class and right outside my class I encounter this weird joker/bat-like person who's wearing a mask and hanging upsidedown from this lamp pole. And I remember we kinda looked each other and we had a moment together.For some reason, I started watching my dream. It even went to "commercial" or it ended or something and I called Wilson and was like, "MAN! I wonder who she ends up with?!"I think class was some kind of film class because we were learning/watching? about these period films and I remember we were watching this anime by this author who made films during a transition period. And he only made one film that really became famous but he was still important.And the next part I was going to my "film class" again but I was running late. Luckily I bumped into this girl that I knew and her friend that I didn't know, who was driving. Turns out, him and I had the same class. And I made small talk with the girl in the car. And when I got out to grab stuff from the truck the girl came back with me and for some reason she told me that the guy's parents died and he has to work really hard to take care of his little sister so he's a really responsible and caring guy. And I saw him give her a bunch of coins because apparently he's renting the car from her. And for some reason it hit me that HE WAS THE JOKER!Next part, I was in a room with my little cousin, Sky, playing with him and then lulling him to sleep. For some reason he kept growing bigger and bigger as we were in the room. He started off as a little infant and I swear he grew up to about 3 years old or the size of a 3 year old at least.Then for some reason I'm on a ship where there's some shady business happening. Some guy is filming an anime and for some reason it was really controversial. So I started hiding and stuff. And there was this one weird (weirder? :P) part where I was in this room with a "guard dog" but the thing about the dog is that he only had ONE LEG! And it wasn't like he got his other legs chopped off.. he really just had one leg! It kinda looked like.. a walking stick with a dog head? except the bottom is a paw.Somehow the little kid I was taking care of from before turned out to be a little girl and she was the daughter of guy who owned the ship, which is also the person directing the sketchy anime.At the end, I found out that the person directing the new anime.. was the guy who we learned about in "class" and the anime that he's directing? The one I was watching! So at the end I asked him, so who does she end up with? "The joker."And that's all I remember :D Little bits of even more random detail here and there.. like there was a scene where I go into a bathroom that was really oldschool and everything was segmented all weird like we were in a jail or something. And another scene where an investigator comes onto the ship with me and sees the one legged dog with me. And everything was really animated where.. we'd schooch a little bit and the dog would be peaking through clothes and furniture and follow us. The ship was really high tech and I remember one part where the ship actually split right in the middle where water can come in and people could capture sharks (and fishes) when it comes in to eat! But yeah, that's it!