Saturday, June 20, 2009

Load Game

So this one was the same night as the RMZ dream. We're waiting around for Gary to go to EDC, its about 8PM and its gotten dark already and he's just abotu finished with work. Actually, we were supposed to wait for him, but we started leaving already and I didn't realize we had to meet up with him until I reach 3rd St (i dono why) Now, in this dream 3rd St was supposed to be a really ghetto neighborhood, but I shrug it off. I'm standing outside my car and all of a sudden someone shoots me in the chest and I fall to the ground and die. OH NO!! how are we gonna go to EDC now?!

(view changes to birds eye view) I see letters that say you have died, Game Over. And naturally I think, omg i hope i saved when I was waiting on 3rd street. I hit go into the menu and select 'Load Game'. PHEWF I'm back on 3rd street, and quickly hop in the car and call Gary. We then proceed to drive to EDC. The End.

Ronald McDonald Zombies

This was one hell of a dream. So it all starts somewhere in San Francisco I suppose. I'm at school, just a generic school and I start to get this premonitions of disaster about to happen. I envision a fire breaking out and people rushing to the swimming pool, but theres an oil slick over the pool, so within 5 minutes, the fire reaches across the pool. Snap back to real time, I'm in the pool with my old friend "S" and Im trying to get her out of the pool without telling her of the danger so she wouldn't freak out. All of a sudden I see fire break out across in the court yard, and we're running down the stairs of the school. I find myself in Mayor Willie Brown's office and say "omg Willie Brown! we are safe!"

Now there are evacuation orders to head toward Golden Gate Park (just like in the 1906 earthquake fires) we're riding in my car towards the park, and we see groups and groups of bicycles pedaling like mad towards us. I shrug it off and keep going. Then little by little, I see more and more people dressed up as clowns. I shrug it off, and BAM a whole MOB of Ronald McDonald's are walking towards us! I see normal people turning into these ROnald McDonald's and they get meaner and meaner! Ronald McDonald Zombies!! then I feel in my internals the irresistable urge to turn into a RM Zombie. I'm trying to fight the urge as well as a can, and thats when I wake up. I quickly feel my head for an afro, phewf.. no afro. I drift back to sleep.