Wednesday, September 09, 2009


This was an interesting dream..

I remember going into this house that I did not recognize, actually it looked a lot like G's house, but slum version. G, H, and A were there and they had 'chalk' with them. We all used the 'chalk' and had a great time. Andy finds these instructions to create fake 'chalk' with raisins (it made sense at the time) so we do it. We end up with a ton of fake 'chalk' which we take to the streets to sell. We make a boatload of moneys.

Next part, I'm hanging out with AK and his 2 year old toddler son. His son starts swinging on these construction structures and drops like 1 story down and starts laughing. I start panicking because i didnt know how far the hole fell. But luckily his son was some atheletic genius and was safe. All of a sudden I see AVM and.. yep

When I wake up, Dillon tells me I've been sleep talking again:

2) Yelled: "Lets get going!!"
3) said: "flowers.."

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