Monday, September 21, 2009

Warriors Ticket dream

SOoo... here we go!

So I'm going to a Warriors game by myself for some reason. I'm walking into the arena and right next to me are a few basketball players that I don't recognize. Then all of a sudden I see this tall asian dude with long hair, it's my friend Alex?! Now Alex is a tall guy, but in the dream he was like 7 feet tall. We start heading to our seats, but he starts ranting about not being able to find parking cus the parking's all messed up so he decides to leave. I'm walking out with him to say goodbye, cus I paid for my ticket and i aint leaving right? WRONG

Here's the weird part. I look down at my ticket, and it's a HUGE BUTTERFLY the size of.. a textbook or something. Then I wake up in a cold sweat (haha maybe not, but thats all I remember).

This dream actually links to some stuff in real life.. Alex talking to me about going to a Hockey game, a friend telling me about unorganized parking at a NFL game, and I watched King Kong that night which had a whole bunch of XL insects. Stir them up together, and you get a nifty little dream.

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Cora L. said...

I hate large insects!!! But Alex "ranting" sounds about right! LOL. And yes, the Candlestick parking lot is ridics!!!!