Monday, January 05, 2009

Sleep Talk 09!

This one happened on the awezome NYE LA trip with Gary and Andy. They both witnessed it first hand. I'm guessing I sleep talk a lot, but I only find out if there's a light sleeper present like Gary.

Incident #1: So we all are napping in Andy's Aunt's house recovering from TAO. When I wake up Gary tells me that my phone rang when we were sleeping, and everytime it rang I went: "Huh? ...Huh?... Huh?" haha yea

Incident #2: Same place but a couple hours later at night, I sit up and yell really loud: "That's SO ANNOYING". Gary gets awakened by this and asks if I'm alright and I respond "what did you say?".. I think this goes back and forth twice, until he realized I was still asleep.

Oh yea, during the drive down to LA, Gary witnessed me having sleep paralysis. That foo was whispering things to me to mess with my dreams, but I was in my sleep paralysi state. I could totally hear him whispering, but I couldn't move! so I do my usual thing and start wiggling my fingers and toes to try to wake myself up. And I'm struggling to force my eyes open, and finally my arm wakes up so I use it to push my face up and I wake up.

In Gary's point of view, he sees some freaky possessed exorcism bizniz. He sees my hands all twitching and then my eyes going into the Undertaker mode with only the whites flickering. He got a video of the end where my hand brings my head up and I wake up but man too bad he couldn't get the whole thing. crayz.

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