Sunday, July 11, 2010

Subconcious Crackhead?

k, maybe I sleeptalk more than I think, its just no one's around to hear me. Wilton's been sleeping in my room cus' the other bedroom is an oven and this is what he witnessed heh>>

Chad (formal voice): Dealing... of Crack.
Wilton: chad? what?
Chad (formal voice): Dealing... of Crack.
Wilton: Chad why are you dealing crack?
Chad (thick southern accent): 's where the money's at!

Chad: man, why's so hot up here?
Wilton: what?
Chad: goo gee goo gee goo gee (with hands waving around)

Then he kept on saying: "Hey CHAD! sleep talk! sleep talk some more!" over and over again, and it totally woke me up and i was oh so angry!