Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haha after this past few days, I had two sleep talking incidents.  I kind of noticed a pattern.  I think the more tired I am when my head hits the pillow, the more likely I'll voice my dreams. 

Seattle Trip:
Dillon's account.
So I'm half asleep and all of a sudden I hear Chad say, "No don't do it! No Stop"
I look up at him with a confused demeanor, but I figured maybe he cramped while sleeping.
Than Chad goes on to say, "Ouch! Ouch! OOUCH!"
At this point I'm like, oh he's just sleep talking again.
He ends by trailing off, "No... don't do that to the lamp..."

 Few days later, Wilton hears:
Chad: (In a thick southern accent) Just hangin' out, do thangs.
Wilton: (laughing) What? Why'd you say that?

Chad: (In a thick southern accent) Advertisements

-10 minutes later-

Chad: (In a thick southern accent) I don't want yer life!


Cora L. said...

Hahahahaha how random dude.

Fishy said...

You've taken sleep talking to a new level. Your subconscious belongs in Savannah