Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So last Friday I had this dream where I was driving my car somewhere very hilly in SF. I'm having a lot of fun, until I spot a motorcycle cop from the corner of my eye. Crap! I focus back in front of me, and double crap. I just ran a red light because I was distracted by the cop. How ironic.

So I get pulled over, and the cop walks around from the front of my car. He pulls off his helmet and she's beautiful! I roll down the window and we lock eyes, and there is instant chemistry. She blushes and tells me in this adorable Spanish accent that I'm going to be let off with a warning. She then proceeds to remove...

...my car hood and we see the foam sheet covering my engine bay is torn up! We're all trying to piece it together, wondering how it got shredded. Then I realized that car engine bays don't have a foam sheet covering them! That's when I realize its a dream and I wake up.
Then later in this same day, I'm driving on I-205 down to Eugene. Some douche SUV driver is tailgating the hell out of me, so I speed up trying to cut into the middle lane. Then the SUV moves over, and another set of light is tailgating me. What the hell is wrong with these people!!

blue, red, white lights flashing. The officer walks over to the passenger side of my car, takes off his helmet, and he is not a beautiful Spanish woman. He then proceeds to write me a ticket for $287. fml.

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Cora L. said...


Sorry to hear :( I guess your Mini is too cool for traffic laws!